Why I’m Running

We need school board members with the experience and values to make the right choices for our schools.

As a parent of Alexandria public school students, an officer of the Alexandria PTA Council, an educator, and a former non-profit executive, I know the real world effects of ACPS policies and budgets.  The issues we face aren’t theoretical to me.  They are real, personal, and affect my family and yours.

I believe that the quality and amount of time spent between students and professional teachers is the foundation of a good education. I believe that equitable access to educational programs is the first step to closing the resource gap within our schools. And I believe that every student is unique, capable, and deserving of a great education.

Michelle speaking before the city council in support of fully funding city schools.

But today we are seeing the best, effective educational approaches gradually giving way to unproven and expedient practices. Too often, we are pushing back against policies that reduce our children, teachers, and schools to a data point. We are gradually watching as students’ time with teachers is replaced with time in front of a computer screen. Creative, engaging lesson plans are giving way to “teaching to the test” and an increased focus on test preparation instead of learning and critical thinking. Unequal access to educational programs is leaving deserving students behind, while biased disciplinary practices are unfairly holding back others.

I’m running for school board to take on the challenge of making Alexandria public schools better. That’s why I’ll work to:

  • Ensure full funding for our schools
  • Guarantee fair and equitable access to educational opportunities for all students
  • Promote proven teaching models and a balanced use of technology in the classroom
  • End unnecessary testing and “teaching to the test”
  • Provide a safe, healthy, and active learning environment for our kids

Join Us!